Select and Direct Select

To select a shape, choose the Selection Tool in the Tool Bar. Then click a shape to select it. You can also draw a rectangular lasso over one or more shapes to select them.

To select a vertex or a segment, choose the Direct Selection Tool in the Tool Bar. Then click a vertex or a segment to select it.

You can draw a lasso over a vertex to direct select it if the target is too small. After selecting a vertex or segment in a path, you can use the keyboard arrow keys to nudge them and change their positions.

Whenever you make a selection, the Propery Control Panel will update to show a list of visual properties about the selection. Each visual property has an associated UI control, and you can change the property through the control.

To add to the current selection, hold down the “Shift” key. To clear the selection, click any empty space in the canvas.

Press the “Delete” key to delete any selected items.