Draw and Manipulate Shapes

To draw a rectangle/circle/line/ring on the canvas, select the corresponding shape tool in the Tool Bar, click on the canvas and drag until the shape is your desired size, then release the mouse. If you draw with the rectangle tool selected, holding down the Shift key will give you a square.

To resize a shape on the canvas, drag one of the anchor handles:

To add a text item on the canvas, select the Text Tool, click on the canvas, and start typing. You can change the font size by selecting the text and dragging the anchor handle.

To draw a freefrom path on the canvas, select the Pen Tool, every click on the canvas generates a new vertex and extends the path to that point. To create a closed path, finish the path by clicking on the first vertex. To create an open path, press the “esc” key after the last vertex you want to create. You can change how the vertices are connected through the “Curve Mode” property.