This visualization shows the number of unemployed people in four industries (Manufacturing, Leisure and hospitality, Business services and Construction) from 2000 to 2010 in the form of a streamgraph. Original visualization is from

First, we draw a rectangle, divide it by “industry”, then select any resulting rectangle and densify it by “date”.

Next, we select any of the top vertices in any resulting area mark, and bind its x-position to “date”; we do the same for the bottom vertices and choose to merge with the existing date scale. Data Illustrateur distinguishes between a vertex’s x-position and an area mark’s x-position, here we are using the former to encode “date”.

We then select any area mark and bind its height to “unemployments”, and fill color to “industry”. The y axis for “industry” is no longer necessary given the color legend, so we can select and delete it. Finally, we select the collection of area marks, which is organized using a stack layout, and change the vertical gravity to “middle”.